Romantic Wedding inspiration

Romantic Wedding  Inspiration

A romantic  wedding inspiration  that we had the opportunity to create those beautifull flower arrangements!

as-seen-white_2015Photography: Les Anagnou photographers | Wedding Planner: Live Love | Floral Design: Red Box Days | Wedding Dress: Madame Shou Shou | Wedding Cake: Criollo | Invitations: Atelier-Invitations (Pavlos Leventelis) | Reception Venue: Casa E Campo | Catering: Deipnosofistirion catering | Film Photo Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Make Up Artist: Samoilis | Model: Maria | Rentals: Zazoo | Rentals: White Lilac


Burgundy wedding decoration

Fly Away Bride

Mani is located in the Southern part of Greece. The place is known for 3 things: the long lasted tradition, the rebellious but kind people and the local products that are well known all over the world!
This styled shoot combined all the elements of Mani in a single wedding. This was the task for our creative team to fulfill. The inspiration, but also the challenge. The outcome was a blend of modern ideas with the tradition and the roots of this land.
The concept was originally created from products of Mani. Using pomegranate, the symbol of well being and fertility.
A local fruit that exists in every garden of Mani.
The landscape, Mani itself. The unique environment of stone and wood in architecture. The squared buildings, the sold arches, the secret yards. Dominated by the background of the high mountains and the endless deep blue of the Greek sea. Enjoy this beautyfull burgundy wedding decoration!

Event Planning & Design : THINK HAPPY
Photography : Elias Kordelakos Photography
Floral Design :
Invitation,Wedding Favors, Printables : Love me do
Wedding Dress : madame shou shou
Hair & Makeup : @Frantzeska Koukoula
Table setup rentals : WHITE LILAC
Cake Design : Cake a wish
Venue : Porto Vitilo Hotel


Style shooting


loved-by-bridal-musings-circleElegant, chic, botanical

On a cold but sunny day, we decided to create a magical spring scenery at a very special location.
Pyrgos Petreza is surrounded by rich greenery, various Mediterranean plants, high oaks and cypress trees. Also well known for its winery and olive garden, is one of the most popular and welcoming venues in Attica. The actual tower was constructed by all kinds of reclaimed materials: railway tracks, old woods, stones, beams, tiles and marbles, found at the region and nearby abandoned houses.
Being there, so far from the busy city of Athens, countryside capturing our imagination, we decided to create an elegant and chic botanical atmosphere for the shooting.
For the table setup, we chose subtle table linens, colorful glassware, country-style porcelain plates, laces, embroideries and jar-candles to give that peaceful, rustic feeling of the countryside. Tulle favors and lace crowns designed to serve also as napkin rings, completed the refined tablescape.

Our talented florist, Kostas Korakas from, chose a lot of foliage, eucalyptus mixed with orchids to have a fresh, dreamy and graceful effect. The highlight of the shooting is the specially hand -made, absolutely stunning tree decorated with orchids and foliage! Four uneven pedestals were richly decorated with flowers, while the fabulous cascading bridal bouquet enhanced the romantic feeling. The centerpieces were high crystal vases topped with amazing flowers and the bridal table decoration included a table runner, made of green foliage with tiny white flowers and orchids.
At the entrance, the rough wooden table was decorated with burlap and lace runners, branches, lanterns and various sizes of botanical glass bell jars filled with succulents and orchids.

wedding venue: Pyrgos Petreza
wedding dresses: Christos Costarellos
Art de la Table, decoration & styling details: BON BON STUDIO
wedding desserts: cookie Box
MUA & hairstylist: Elena Panou
model : Angeliki Tsionou
photographer: Elias Kordelakos Photography




Διακόσμηση γάμου στο Κτημα Λαας

Διακόσμηση γάμου στο Κτημα Λαας

Οι συνθέσεις που δημιουργήσαμε για τον γάμο αυτό ήταν ένας αρμονικός συνδυασμός του λευκού και του κίτρινου. Με όμορφο τρόπο συνδυάστηκαν για τις συνθέσεις των τραπεζιών της δεξίωσης καθώς και για τον στολισμό  του υπόλοιπου γάμου , ορτανσίες, ορχιδέες phalaenopsis, λυσίανθος και baby’s breath.
Και όλα αυτά πάνω σε ξύλο, που έδωσε ένα ρουστίκ αποτέλεσμα, και έδεσε υπέροχα σε ένα πολύ όμορφο χώρο, στο Κτήμα Λαας.
Για την διακόσμηση της εκκλησίας στο Κτήμα Λαας που βρισκόταν μέσα στο κτήμα, ντύσαμε την πρόσοψή της με κλαδιά, που διακοσμήθηκαν με τα ανάλογα λουλούδια του γάμου.  Στην ίδιο χώρο ήταν και το πιο όμορφο candy bar που έχω δει, με concept και υλοποίηση από την Sensyle, η οποία είχε αναλάβει την οργάνωση του γάμου καθώς και την γενική διακοσμητική επιμέλεια.
Για την διακόσμηση των τραπεζιών του γάμου στο Κτήμα Λαας , χρησιμοποιήσαμε σαν βάση, κομμάτια από ξύλινους κορμούς δέντρου που έδωσε την ευκαιρία να αναδειχθούν τα λουλούδια του γάμου από πάνω. Ένας όμορφος και καλοκαιρινός στολισμός γάμου


A Wedding in Santorini with a magical caldera view…

In my opinion, all marriages in Santorini are magical. And that happend  because    of the caldera view  that most of the wedding venues in Santorini have, and that, transform  the wedding ceremony in Santorini  to a beautifull   spectacle. That’s  why i think that Santorini is one of the places that every wedding planner would like  to organize a wedding and also a dream of many couples to get married in Santorini.

In such a beautifull  wedding reception  venue with that candera view, I  made the flowers decoration for a wedding on behalf of    Tina and Penny Ksourafi, owners of   Elite Events Santorini ,   who was also responsible for the wedding styling, setup and decoration.


Ενας όμορφος στολισμός γάμου στην Σαντορίνη με θέα την καλντέρα. Το όνειρο πολλών ζευγαριών. Η δεξίωση  του γάμου αυτου στην Σαντορίνη  εγινε σε ενα ξενοδοχείο με την καλντέρα να απλώνετε μπροστά  μας.Ο στολισμός του γάμου αυτου στην Σαντορίνη  έγινε σε ρομαντικό ύφος μς λευκό  και απαλό ροζ.


Wedding in a Chapell near the sea in Athens

Red on Thursday.
This decoration of the marriage was special for me.
For two reasons. The first was that the marriage was done   Thursday – unusually for Greece, and the second reason was that the bride had a special relationship with my beloved Marita Poulou, owner of which was the wedding planner.
That afternoon at the small chappel of Ag. Nikolaos in Anavysos, with a beautifull sea view , was magical.
The sunset   was  emphasizes the varietys of wonderful red flowers of the bridal bouquet. After, all  the guests  went  to an Athens wedding venue near the sea,  to celebrate.
A beautiful wedding on a chapel  at a  Greek beach

Μια πολύ όμορφη τελετη, στον Αγιο Νικόλαο στην Ανάβυσσο. Ενα μικρό εκκλησάκι πάνω σε ενα λόφο  με την θάλασσα απο κάτω.

Ενα απο τα εκκλησάκια που πάντα χαίρομαι να διακοσμώ για ένα γάμο.


A centerpiece in a Santorini wedding at La Maltese Hotel

A tall centerpiece that i create for a Lebanese wedding in Santorini, for Elite Events Santorini.  At the time of the sunset, the flames of the candles were multiplying on the mirror that we have cover the whole table
Contrary to the Greek weddings,   applying many colors and many different flowers in the composition gave this wonderful result! The wedding  dinner took place at La Maltese Hotel, in Firostefani.

Η δεξίωση αυτου του γάμου έγινε στο ξενοδοχείο La Maltese ,  στην Σαντορίνη. Για πρώτη φορά μου ζητήθηκε και έφτιαξα καθρέπτες  για ολόκληρο το τραπέζι. Απολάυστε το αποτελεσμα  με τα ψηλά centerpieces που έβαλα   επάνω τους..



A wedding in Athens with turquoise accents..

Kostas , turquoise is my favorite color …

This was one of the first phrases  Jelena said  in our communication via Skype.
It turned out that in addition to choosing her perfect color, Jelena, had an excellent taste in choosing and all other details and piece by piece we created   the decoration of her wedding with Chris.
When they came to Greece and met them, I saw an extremely cheerful and stylish couple, who wanted to create a perfect wedding party for them and to their guests, next to the sea.
We chose avalanche roses for the basic decoration, and freesias for the bridal bouquet.

The  wedding was at Island Gallery at Varkiza,  and the ceremony  at the small chappel of St. Dionisios,  inside the wedding venus
Chris & Jelena, I hope to always bring your sunglasses that we offer to your friends that evening   to don’t get blind from the love to each other….

Λευκό και τιρκουάζ , τα αγαπημένα χρώματα της νύφης, την οποία την υποδέχτικαν με τιμές οι φιλοι της στο Island , στην Βαρκιζα. Ενα υπέρχο και χαρούμενο ζευγάρι   και ενας απο  τους πιο κεφάτους γάμους  που έχω διακοσμησει

Photos : George Michalas


Wedding decoration in a Skopelos wedding venue

This summer, I’ve been asked to decorate a wedding ceremony that it’s probably  the dream of  many greek brides….

A  wedding ceremony  in a Skopelos wedding venue,  literally on the beach!  The lucky couple got married in Skopelos island, with the sea in front of them.
At the island that took place one of the most beautiful movie wedding, in the movie “Mamma mia !”

The couple wanted  a colorful wedding with country  flowers. After the beautiful ceremony at the time the sunshine, the guest invited at the wedding  venue at Adrina  resort  which an also colorful party  took place!


Weeding planner

Φέτος  το καλοκαιρι, είχα την χαρά για διακοσμησω μια γαμηλια τελετη στην Σκόπελο που φαντάζομαι οτι είναι το ονειρο για πολλές νύφες. Ενας γαμος κυριολεκτικά επάνω στην παραλία. Μια διαφορετική διακόσμηση γάμου σε νησι απο οτι έχουμε συνηθήσει.

Η αισθηση ήταν εξαιρετικη! Χωρίς   σκαλοπάτια, χωρίς κολόνες και εισόδους, επρεπε να δημιουργίσουμε το τέλειο σκηνικό. Mετα την τελετή, η δεξιώση του γάμου αυτου στην Σκόπελο, εγινε στο Adrina  Resort and Spa.

Ελπίζω οτι μέσα απο τις φωτογραφίες, θα νιώσετε την υπέροχη αυτή αίσθηση της τελετής την ώρα ακριβώς που εδυε ο ήλιος, διπλα στην θάλασσα.  Η οργάνωση  του γάμου στην Σκόπελο  εγινε απο την  









French lace in a wedding near the sea

The ceremony of the wedding was at St. Nikolaos church at Rigilis. Outside of the church hanging  orchids were waiting for the bride…. The Lambades were also decorated with orchids on branches.

After the ceremony all the guest went to Dreams wedding venue, in Glyfada.

At the beach in front of the venue we had put paper landerns. On  the tables,  we had vases of different shapes with small white flowers.  An impressive   decoration items was the wish table  that we decorate.

Ενα πολύ όμορφος γάμος που η τελετη έγινε στον Αγιο Νικόλαο Ρηγήλης, και  η δεξίωση στο Dreams , στην Γλυφάδα.

Η νυφική ανθοδέσμη που φτιάξαμε ήταν απο φρέζιες,  οι λαμπάδες ηταν στολισμένες με κλαδιά που επάνω τους είχαν ορχιδέες  dendrovium,  και  αυτά τα λουλουδιά μαζί με λυσίανθους,  και τριαντάφυλλα,  ειχαμε  στα τραπέζια των καλεσμένων. Στην παραλία μπροστά απο το Dreams , ειχαμε φωτισμένα λευκά bags , που φωτιζαν  όμορφα   μπροστά απο τους καλεσμένους



Sea side wedding with seawoods and orchids

Theme of the wedding:  Seawoods! My favorite!  So  that i did was that i construct   nest from seawoods, and i had orchids phalaenopsis coming out of it.  I add 2 wax lanterns, with the nest and the centerpiece was ready! In front  of the sea i construct an arch from seawoods, that  from  what i  saw  that evening, all the guests that had come from abroad,  have used it as a natural frame  for the photos!

Γάμος με θαλασοξυλλα. Το αγαπημένο μου θέμα.  Κατασκευές λοιπον  με θαλασόξυλλα για τον στολισμο των τραπεζιών του γάμου τραπέζια, αριστα συνδιασμένες  με ορχιδέες phalaenopsis  που ήταν και τα λουλουδια του γάμου, μια πολύ μεγάλη αψίδα  απο θαλασόξυλλα, απο την οποία μπηκε  μέσα το ζευγάρι απο την παραλία και πολυ κέφι. Δεν πρέπει να ξεχάσω την όμορφη διακόσμηση της εκκλησίας η οποία ηταν η Κοιμηση της Θεοτόκου, στην Βάρκιζα,  η οποία έγινε με ελιές και λευκά φανάρια.


Wedding planner:

Photographer:  George Michalas



Santorini wedding decoration

Brown branches on a silver pot, sea wood, ivory and light pink roses with hydrangeas as well as small ivory and white flowers were use for this wedding decoration in Santorini.

The whole decoration was as a complement to the view and the wonderful romantic couple that came from UK to do this romantic wedding in the island of  Santorini

White round candles for the church were decorated with sea wood with small white and pink flowers as well as pieces of hydrangea.  The bouquet made with white hydrangeas and pink roses was the perfect match for the vintage wedding dress of the stylish bride.

The centerpieces with the combination of silver, ivory and light pink with the icy candles around and the hanging vintage on the branches were enchasing the wood and stone detail of the elegant Santorini’s venue. This wedding reception at Santorini was at Theros wave bar, a wedding venue in Santorini by  the sea.





wedding planning: Mood effects


Α Kythnos wedding

A very simple but also elegant  wedding decoration   at Kythnos island, in a wedding venue in Kythnos  on the sea.

The beach was decorated with sea woods,  paper bags and lanterns  as well as  taylormade fire places created  a beach party atmosphere.

Freesias  were climing the sea woods that were placed to decorate the 2 candles at church.

I think that kyhnos is an ideal  island for a wedding. It has many option  as far as the wedding venues,  a lot of beautifull small chappel for the wedding ceremony, and many hotels with excellent services.

Μια απλή αλλά ομορφη διακόσμηση γάμου  που κάναμε στην  Κύθνο. Ο γάμος εγεινε σε ενα μικρό εκκλησάκι   στην παραλία της Αγίας Ειρήνης,  και δίπλα  του η δεξίωση του γάμου  σχεδόν πάνω στην άμμο.




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