Project Description

Kostas , turquoise is my favorite color …

This was one of the first phrases  Jelena said  in our communication via Skype.
It turned out that in addition to choosing her perfect color, Jelena, had an excellent taste in choosing and all other details and piece by piece we created   the decoration of her wedding with Chris.
When they came to Greece and met them, I saw an extremely cheerful and stylish couple, who wanted to create a perfect wedding party for them and to their guests, next to the sea.
We chose avalanche roses for the basic decoration, and freesias for the bridal bouquet.

The  wedding was at Island Gallery at Varkiza,  and the ceremony  at the small chapel of St. Dionisios,  inside the wedding venue
Chris & Jelena, I hope to always bring your sunglasses that we offer to your friends that evening   to don’t get blind from the love to each other….